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    Good Gemstones Octogon Faceted Crystal Quartz ring good Friday gift

    Crystal Quartz Good Gemstones jewelry Ring- Solid Silver White Crystal Quartz Ring - Crystal Quartz Ring, Solid Silver, White, fine jewellery, Gemstone rings, labour day gift, midi ring set, nice seller, Ring fine jewellery, Crystal Quartz Good Gemstones, Ring gift for good **** The transparent, colourless variety of quartz is still known as rock crystal. Long ago, people believed that rock crystal was a compact form of ice: in fact 'crystallos' means 'ice'. The best rock crystal has the clarity and shimmer of water. Although colourless quartz is relatively common, large flawless specimens are not, which is why crystal balls these days are made of glass, not quartz. Rock crystal has often been used in jewellery, particularly carved pieces. Many stunning art deco jewellery designs featured the black and white quartz combination of rock crystal and onyx. Colourless quartz crystals have also become popular in jewellery due to the popularity of legends about their powers. Many people believe that wearing quartz crystals benefits their health and spiritual well-being.